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The Lord Blessed us to have a wonderful Communion!

On Saturday meeting began at 10:00. After singing Elder Barney Brammer opened service. Preaching was by Elders Victor Church, Eddie Lyle.  We had Lunch outside the building which was more than any of us could eat! The afternoon service was opened by Elder Bill Gregory preaching by elder Elva Lowery.

On Sunday we rose to a beautiful morning. The singing was wonderful as so was the fellowship.  Services was opened by Elder Billy Cook.  He was followed by Elders Eddie Lyle, Larry Blevins, and Victor Church. We broke to set up for the communion service.

Brother Bill Gregory took the part of the bread, Bother Jason Adams took the part of the wine, and Brother Bill Stevens took the part of feet washing. There was singing preaching and shouting in our service, it was a wonderful day.

Elders at our 2005 May Union/Communion Meeting

From Left to Right: Elders Jason Adams, Larry Blevins, Eddie Lyle, Jonathan Cook, Bill Stevens, Billy Cook, Elva Lowery, Victor Church, Bill Greagory.

Elders Bill Stevens and Larry Blevins


Lunch was served after the communion service. A wonderful table was set, and the food was great. We are thankful to the sisters of the Church for preparing the food.


Elders Eddie Lyle and Victor Church

Here is a link to Brother Victors home Church: www.canepatch.org

Elder Larry Blevins giving Elder Billy Cook a push


Brother Sandy (right) Keeps an eye on the table


Ministers at Old Carroll the second Sunday in March

From left to right: Elders Bill Gregory, Jason Adams, Jonathan Cook, Eddie Lyle, Albert Altman, Bill Stephens, Jimmy Thorton, and Elva Lowery